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Celenzone An incredible journey in the shape of sound. You can't find anything else quite like this Favorite track: Blank Cubicle.
Kyle Messner
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Kyle Messner Absolutely fucking nailed it with this one. I know I've dissed these smaller releases in the past, but I could not have asked for a better surprise than this sweet gem. Definitely one of the best releases from you yet; keep it coming Favorite track: Match Cut.
Steven the Younger
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Steven the Younger This little album is truly amazing! I can't listen to just one song on this album, I have to listen to all of them. For me, it's hard to choose which track is my favorite. Each one is exceptional in its own right. Each song displays his unique style, such as his vocals in "Blank Cubicle" and the string pads and swells in "Work Life Imbalance." What's even more amazing is that this album was created in less than two weeks! This album is simply fantastic. Favorite track: Work Life Imbalance.
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Dief is a short album created in under two weeks for a performance piece by Teddy Dief at GDC 2017. It runs at a smooth 90BPM at all times and is here to relax and calm you down.

The album art is by creative genius Ben Swinden


released March 13, 2017

Album Art by Ben Swinden rvaise.com
Based on a talk conceived by Teddy Dief www.teddydief.com



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


C418 Germany

hi it's me your favourite music man, daniel.

you probably know me from minecraft and then came to stay for all the other music that gets you working.

or you are just stopping by.

whatever it is, hi, I'm your favourite human, and occasional music man, daniel. welcome.
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